Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner Resigns

The press conference was an appalling circus, with shock jock plants heckling from the press pool in an attempt to, to, what? Who only knows, but it just added to the sordid side show atmosphere this issue has become for the congressman. Hopefully, once all the dissecting of it has run its course we'll be able to focus on more pertinent matters. I can only hope Rep. Weiner and his wife can get time to heal their relationship and move on with their lives.

Once again, I'll say that I believe he finally did the right thing. He behaved in an incredibly inappropriate way for someone in his position. For those of you who are still arguing that what he did wasn't as bad as some other public servants, some of whom are still serving, all I can say is that by attempting to compare Anthony Weiner's actions to other wrong doers you are actually admitting he DID do something wrong and SHOULD suffer consequences because obviously those others should be suffering as well. Whether you believe he did nothing wrong or not, the leadership of the Democratic party had every right to ask for his resignation. The question becomes "should we have some standards of conduct for our public servants or not?", and remember, those pictures of him will be on the internet forever, accessible by anyone, regardless of age or ability to understand this scandal in any form of context. This is fundamentally why this spectacle will be looked upon as a game changer in political theater.

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