Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner Resigns

The press conference was an appalling circus, with shock jock plants heckling from the press pool in an attempt to, to, what? Who only knows, but it just added to the sordid side show atmosphere this issue has become for the congressman. Hopefully, once all the dissecting of it has run its course we'll be able to focus on more pertinent matters. I can only hope Rep. Weiner and his wife can get time to heal their relationship and move on with their lives.

Once again, I'll say that I believe he finally did the right thing. He behaved in an incredibly inappropriate way for someone in his position. For those of you who are still arguing that what he did wasn't as bad as some other public servants, some of whom are still serving, all I can say is that by attempting to compare Anthony Weiner's actions to other wrong doers you are actually admitting he DID do something wrong and SHOULD suffer consequences because obviously those others should be suffering as well. Whether you believe he did nothing wrong or not, the leadership of the Democratic party had every right to ask for his resignation. The question becomes "should we have some standards of conduct for our public servants or not?", and remember, those pictures of him will be on the internet forever, accessible by anyone, regardless of age or ability to understand this scandal in any form of context. This is fundamentally why this spectacle will be looked upon as a game changer in political theater.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weinergate Officially Over

Most of the MSM have moved the *scandal* further into the newscast. Priorities once again get rearranged. When Anthony Weiner finally makes his announcement as to his future in or out of congress it will be covered, surely, but this thing as a whole has run its course. New photos will no longer titillate, new emails will no longer be snicker worthy. It's done. In a world of internet attention spans, it's yesterday's meme. Best of luck for your future, Anthony.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pertinent Question

I've been thinking of changing the name and look of this blog or moving it to a blog I started but never invested any time on. I want to start blogging again more regularly, but feel I need a bit of rebranding since my recent change of life situation. So, any comments?

My Religion is the Internet

This video, clocking in at roughly 12 mins in length, may be a bit long for an unplanned viewing (save it for lunch or some other free time) is worth every minute. Not only is Jim Gilliam's personal story so compelling, his message of finding God through and within the interconnectedness of human relations, especially with regards to the interactivity of communication of all types of people on the internet without the limitations created by preconceived notions of age, political affiliations, race, gender, caste or other snap judgements that limit us when we share physical space. Please watch, you'll be glad you did.

Watch live streaming video from pdf2011 at

My own humble musings on #Weinergate

So, since leaving the convent I've had loads of time on my hands (unemployment's uneasy gift that keeps on giving), enough time to be at home watching in real time Rep. Anthony Weiner's stunning implosion and heartbreaking mea culpa on live television. I say heartbreaking because I've never witnessed a public figure give such a brutally honest press conference where he basically laid himself bare for all to scrutinize, analyze, and sneer at. The ensuing nearly thirty minute period of questions from reporters, who in a better world would have politely averted their eyes from a fellow human experiencing such abject public humiliation, dragged on into the ridiculous. But still, in what appeared to be a deep, cathartic need for self immolation in personal shame, Anthony Weiner took all the questions, no matter how intrusive or debasing.

On a whole, it was one of the most astounding, and extraordinary performances by an elected official of humbling public self-exposure I've ever witnessed. All I can say is that I felt for him. Watching Rep. Weiner over the last couple of years; his feisty cable news performances; one could only imagine how difficult it was for him to stand there in front of the very press he had himself treated so antagonistically at times. The smell of blood in the air must have been heady.

As for his "crimes"of indiscretion, all I have to say is they're better left between him and his wife. It seems this was an issue before their marriage, and his addiction (for that is what this is) needs attending to if the marriage is to have a viable future. I do feel he should resign, not so much for the behavior, but because of the damage this is and will be doing to the Democratic Party. He can come back; after properly addressing his problems; and be a better public servant if he should wish it, at a future time. At any rate, it's time for the press to politely bow out on this issue, regardless of any new pictures surfacing. We know all there is to know about Anthony Weiner's fall from grace, and no amount of titillating sexting revelations will deepen the subject. Rep. Weiner fucked up, big time. Now move on.

One thing that still surprises me is the MSM's feigned indignation at the fallen humanity of the political class each and every time this sort of "scandal" surfaces into the public domain. If we don't already know that our politicians are human, and act accordingly, then we will never get ourselves out of this cycle of failed government. Politicians should be elected because of their ability to craft good legislation, not their supposed moral purity. If we know anything by now, it's that one or more of them will let us down in the morality department, in some stunning and debased fashion, but what was it that we sent them to Washington for in the first place, was it to represent us in the legislative process or be an poster boy/girl of moral correctness? Let's keep things in their proper place, shall we? Anthony Weiner may have lied, but he lied about something that had nothing to do with any of our concerns on the governing of the United States of America. And let's face it, how would you react to an impending disastrous public humiliation? Let's be real: I think many of us would lie, or throw someone under the bus to save our asses.

So, I'll be sad to see him go, but go he must. He was a much needed Democrat who fought for good policy, but now his pitiful side show is stretching on ad infinitum. The juvenile MSM and the GOP would like nothing better than to have this topic to bandy about all the way to into 2012. It gives cover to their lack of addressing the real issues, and muddies the democrats message. It's basically bad timing. Sadly, he needs to take one for the team, and resign.

Update: I just heard this referred to as the "Pound of Flesh" press conference. How appropriate.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where is the Love?

The recent horrors out of Afghanistan regarding the blowback from a certain U.S. pastor's unconscionable actions towards a different faith group of his fellow human beings have been hard to read about without slipping into the same disrespect and disregard for another's rights and dignity, regardless of whether one feels he deserves it or not. The fact that we should always treat people with the same courtesy and deference we would like shown to us is hard to fathom in situations such as these. The question remains however, is it correct and appropriate to forcefully, and justly, condemn this type of outrageous and hateful behavior as it happens, or are we in fact stepping on another's right to freedom of speech?
Our incredibly short attention span kept this resurgence of Pastor Terry's hate campaign against Islam far from being anything but a blip in the mainstream news media this time around. No presidential wrist slaps, no faith coalition's collective condemnation. Nope, nothing so important as that. Why? Well I suspect it's because we've become used to this kind of hateful, spurious rhetoric and disgusting behavior from the blowhards and talking heads on the TeeVee. Even (or is it especially?) from those who represent Christianity. Whether it's God fearing Americans protesting terrorism or states reacting to the horrors of Sharia, the very people who profess a faith in the God of Love have none of it. It is my opinion that as a Christians we have as special duty to denounce these misrepresentations of our faith. But the duty isn't only shouldered by us, we all have the responsibility as fellow humans to push back against hatred and intolerance where ever it rears its ugly head. Freedom of speech does not change hate into a rational viewpoint, or should it be treated with the same regard as a valid viewpoint and our media should not approach it as such. No, it should be justly condemned for what it is, even if the constitution allows one to spew it.

This is the main reason why our politics on a whole have degraded so much: just because one is allowed to voice an argument does not equal it's validity or the truth of its premises. When the fallacies and poisonous rhetoric go unchallenged in the MSM it secretly condones and justifies them. This goes for our personal lives as well. The very notion of a society where there are different versions of the Truth depending upon ones politics and/or religion is outrageous and shows a level of contempt for the Truth itself. In this type of society no one has rights because they will become suspect at the drop of an opinion poll. The only way to change this trend is engagement. Write or call your congresspersons, or write a letter to an Editor. Take to the streets if need be, but this intolerance in the name of religion must be responded to. If we cannot stop the bullying, the attacks, and the scapegoating then we will end up living in a society where everyone will lose the very American right to worship in the faith of our choice, even if it's the right to practice no faith at all.

It's been a long time....

I've been away from the blog thing for quite some time. Part of it has been my infatuation with Twitter, but most of it has been the shifting currents in my personal life. Many of you know I was in discernment to religious life for nearly four years. I was to make first vows this July. Well, something wasn't sitting right with me this whole time, and I spent the good portion of last year in reflection as to which way to proceed. Many things came to the forefront. One major one was the gulf I felt between my own life experience and that of the sisters in my community, most of which entered directly out of High School. Being an artist, I've always sought work in the creative fields such as photography, or more recently, film making. This has given me quite a diverse exposure to people, places and differing world views that has enriched and broadened my own lens on life. Through discernment I had to realize that I've been given these experiences for a reason, as a gift, to use in service to the people I had come in contact with, which were mostly people on the fringes of culture, faith and religion. I now know what is meant by the statement "grow where you're planted", for I was planted in that particular soil for a reason. This became an Aha! moment, but also a letting go moment. I needed to let go of the idea that the only way to grow in my relationship with God was to become someone I was never meant to be. I am called to flourish in that special soil that is peculiarly "me", warts and all. Integrity is really what draws us to the Divine, the more we act with integrity, towards ourselves as well as others, the more we move towards God. Being honest about who we are is the first step, the next is allowing ourselves to realize that God loves us in this place of imperfection. This is the part that takes a lifetime.

I also came to the understanding that my own experience of the Divine was much bigger than the narrow understanding of the Catechism that religious life would ask me to support, in spite of my own lived experiences to the contrary. I have always been someone to speak my mind, and the censorship that I had to continually place upon myself was eating at me. A lifetime of this would have been unbearable. My heart goes out to those who can stomach it. Perhaps it's my ego, but I was unable to do it. I'm a Homo Loving, Tree Hugging, Bra Burning, politically Progressive, God is Love kinda gal, so you can see the "nun" shoes pinched quite a bit. Oh, and I know that is how many people see religious sisters, but the reality is different. There is much pressure these days to tow the party line, just look at the recent Vatican inquiry into the communities here in the U.S. for starters.

Well for all that said, I feel it's time to jump back into the long form and start blogging again. So much is happening in the world, some frightening, some inspiring. So with my mission statement in mind, it's time to jump back in with both feet. Let the blogging begin!

P.S. For some stupid reason Blogger doesn't have an "Unlink" function in the text edit, which makes me want to let loose a string of profanities, but I'm over it. So for the curious at heart follow the link for a special surprise!

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